LEGO Ninjango Desert Lightning (70622) Speed Build

23 Jan
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Speed Build video of the LEGO Ninjango Desert Lightning (70622) set from the YouTube channel Brick Builder.

The speed build video of this 201 piece set clocks in at just over four minutes long.

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LEGO Ninjago Desert Lightning 70622

Features: Desert Lightning fun toy features a minifigure seat, big wheels, stud-shooting translucent headlight-style elements, foldout Lightning bolt booster elements and golden-colored Ninja blades, Accessory elements include Commander blunck and tannin’s vermillion helmets, plus two red snake elements, Includes three mini figures: Jay, Commander blunck and tannin, Desert Lightning measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 5″ (15cm) long and 1″ (5cm) wide

Beat commander blunck’s vermillion racer to claim the slow motion time blade with jay’s desert lightning bike, featuring stud-shooting headlight-style elements, foldout lightning bolt booster elements and big wheels. This fun toy includes three mini figures.
List Price: $19.99 USD
New From: $41.95 USD In Stock

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