DIY Mini LEGO Drone Kit, a New Kickstarter from Kitables

24 Jan
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Growing up with LEGO, did you ever imagine that your LEGO could fly?

Well, thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign from Kitables, the same folks responsible for the successful Rubisolver Kickstarter campaign, you don’t have to just imagine it any longer! Kitables latest Kickstarter is the Mini LEGO Drone Kit, where your flying LEGO dreams become your reality!

From Kitables Kickstarter Campaign Page
After a successful Kickstarter Campaign for our Rubisolver Kit we’re back on Kickstarter again! The folks over at Kickstarter invited Kitables back for a special initiative called #Make100; which participants will run Kickstarter Campaigns with 100 Limited Edition units of their product. In 2016, our “regular-sized” Lego Drone was so popular we thought we’d try out a “Mini” Lego Drone Kit. Same amount of fun, less money. This Kickstarter is the launch of our new type of drone.


With 24 days left to go as of this article, the Mini LEGO Drone Kit has already almost doubled it’s initial $7,523 goal, and at $50 bucks for the entry level kit, it’s no wonder.

Head on over to Kickstarter to get your Mini LEGO Drone Kit.

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