Pocket Power – an Awesome LEGO Pokéball Look-a-like MOC

18 Feb
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Pokémon fans, trainers and LEGO enthusiasts will love the “Pocket Power” – a life-size Pokéball look-a-like MOC!

With our recent reveal of the official Pokémon Mega Construx set being released this summer, let’s not forget that there have been Pokémon MOC sets out in the wild since, well, probably since Nintendo first released Pokémon! And whether they were homemade custom MOCs or something more along the lines of this “Power Ball” that is currently available at MOC Nation there is no denying that this is a nice MOC. Created by designer Anick Porter, the Pocket Power is a great realistic looking Pokéball look-a-like MOC.

Check out the video below to get a better look at the Pocket Power

Interested in ordering? CLICK HERE for more information


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