LEGO Training Jet Transporter Built from Kit (31060)

21 Feb
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Keep on Big Rig Truckin’

Found this great build of a Training Jet Transporter, as seen in the image above, by Per Bonde over at MOCpages.

This Training Jet Transporter is an alternate build of the LEGO Airshow Aces kit (31060) which was inspired by the LEGO City Training Jet Transporter kit (60079) from 2015. This MOC features an engine for the big rig and a stand for the jet – I think that there is lots of play-ability with this MOC. Unfortunately, I could find no build video or parts lists available for this MOC, but here are the building instructions (in LEGO Digital Designer LXF format).

Plenty of clean lines and contrasting colors in this build.

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Don’t forget to check out more MOCs by Per Bonde at Rebrickable.

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Thank you for posting me. Appreciate it.

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