LEGO Aliens USS Sulaco MOC

27 Feb
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This Custom LEGO USS Sulaco MOC is state-of-the-badass art!

With the unexpected and unfortunate death of Bill Paxton this past Saturday, I thought it only appropriate to feature something related to Bill Paxton’s body of theatrical work today, and I found this incredible LEGO Aliens themed MOC of the USS Sulaco by Mihe Stonee on Mocpages. Designed and built over the course of two years and consisting of 9640 LEGO pieces this USS Sulaco MOC is quite impressive and was to be featured in the book “Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark” by Mike Doyle; although I do not have a copy of the book to confirm this MOCs inclusion in the finished book.

A long journey is on this ship for myself… Since i saw the movie i wanted to built this beauty (o.k. that’s years back…)! – Mihee Stonee via MOCpages

LEGO Aliens USS Sulaco MOC

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Beautiful Lego 2: Dark

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Gothic fantasies and sci-fi horrors come to life in scenes created entirely with the simple LEGO brick. Step into a world of pure imagination in Beautiful LEGO 2: Dark.

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