Classic Nintendo Gameboy Gaming …LEGO Style!

28 Mar
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What’s your favorite videogame, that you wish to find in the real world? – 74louloute via Flickr

A very interesting question posed by builder 74louloute on Flicker…

As a long-time gamer (think pong, yup…that far back) I’ve never really considered the qeustion of what video game I’d like to find in the “real world”. For me, as for many others, video games have always been very much about escaping the “real world’ into a place where I can be the hero – whether that means slaying the dragon or dusting a Xenomorph or two!

However; I can very much appreciate the care that has gone into this custom MOC, from replicating the buttons, to the accompanying characters!

Pretty sure this is a Gameboy Classic, what do you think…let me know what you think in the comments below.

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