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The Brick News Network website was founded on January 8, 2017 by Stanley Holtsclaw as an companion website to, and extension of, the Flipboard magazine of the same name.

Formerly Brick by Brick on Flipboard, Brick by Brick was rebranded to Brick News Network to more accurately reflect our goal to “Share the joy and excitement of LEGO with children of all ages.” by making the content of the Brick News Network more readily available across a variety of devices and platforms.

So why a companion website (blog & forum) for a successful Flipboard magazine?

…in the time that I’ve been curating Brick News Network @Flipboard I’ve discovered that although Flipboard is an amazing content aggregating tool, that there is just some content that is just not Flipboard friendly. So this website, is a way to not only share content that might otherwise not be able to be shared with my Flipboard readers through blogging, but also add an opportunity for community building through the addition of a forum.

So the original Brick News Network as it is on Flipboard is the candy (eye candy that is!) while this blog and forum is intended to be the hearty meat and potatoes for those desiring a little more depth.

  • Opps, forgot to post for March so these figures are from April, 10th. Somewhere between February and April we broke the 15K Follower mark! Overall, showing positive growth with 85,811 Viewers, and 15,183 Followers.
  • As of February 11, 2017, Brick News Network featured 81,710 Viewers and 14,817 Followers on Flipboard. I’m a couple days late with the figures but overall Brick News Network saw strong positive growth with an increase of 1,342 Viewers and 426 Followers.
  • As of January 9, 2017, Brick News Network featured 80,368 Viewers and 14,391 Followers on Flipboard.

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