Taking LEGO airports to new heights with a full-scale hangar |The Brothers Brick

16 Jan
I found this great article and nice photos over at Brothers Brick about James Zhan’s custom MOC of a LEGO City airport.

Fans of LEGO City will always feel something is amiss with the small airports LEGO releases as sets, thanks to the absence of full-sized hangars. That seems to have inspired James Zhan to take his LEGO City airport to new heights by constructing a minifig-scaled, full jet plane-sized hangar. Despite the sheer size, what’s truly […]

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Original article entitled Taking LEGO airports to new heights with a full-scale hangar as featured at Brothers Brick.

Full-size LEGO batmobile model built from 344,187 LEGO bricks.

15 Jan
Based on the speed wagon featured in the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie and built by LEGO in conjunction with Chevrolet – this LEGO model of the new batmobile uses 344,187 bricks, weighs more than 1,695 pounds and took 222 hours to design and another 1,883 hours to build.

More details available in this article by Andy Lewis at The Hollywood Reporter –
Lego and Chevy Team for Life-Size Brick Batmobile

And you have to checkout the Chevrolet website for complete specs, pricing and more!
The All-New LEGO Batmobile from Chevy

All-New LEGO Batmobile From Chevy
All-New LEGO Batmobile From Chevy
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