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Just a few basic BNN forum rules -

  • Always be kind to other members.
  • This is a family-friendly your language
  • SELF-promotion is limited to answering direct questions about your product or service unless you are a sponsor and have your own forum/topic to post announcements, press releases, sales etc.
  • SELF-promotion is never to be done in a topic/forum sponsored by an advertiser (except by the sponsoring  advertiser) and is restricted to the general forums/topics and AGAIN only as a response to a direct question.
  • Blantant advertising is strictly prohibited in the forums, with exceptions for advertisers, sponsors and Brick News staff.
  • Contact stanley.holtsclaw[AT] (replace [AT] with @) regarding becoming an advertiser or sponsor.

Brick News Network is monetized in part Amazon, Google Adsense, Skimlinks, VigLink and other advertisers and/or sponsors - we may earn revenue based on purchases made from retailers, advertisers or sponsors of this site.

Brick News Network is in no way responsible for price changes, errors, omissions or adjustments.

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