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Lego City, Star Wars, Friends, and Duplo B1G1 40% off & Target B&M  


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10/04/2017 3:36 pm  

Lego City, Star Wars, Friends, and Duplo are Buy 1 Get 1 at 40% off at and in-store, Apr 9 - Apr 15 2017. See your local ad for details.
(brick/mortar will likely have regular priced items, making it effectively 20% off if you buy the same price items). link has some decent deals with some sets already 20% off, making the final discount after the B1G1 offer about 36%.

For example, LEGO® City Great Vehicles Pizza Van 60150 is $19.99  , on sale at 20% off for $15.99, BEFORE B1G1 40% off.

City Fire Station is heavily discounted from $99.99 to $65.99 - 34% off BEFORE the B1G1.

Many deals available across the LEGO product lines - LEGO City, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Friends, & Duplo.

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10/04/2017 4:17 pm  

Thanks for posting Xander!

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